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    All positive review of hundreds transactions since 2016's

    This is a beautiful dizi. I was going to buy a expensive one, but I though that I should learn to play it on a basic one first and then buy a more expensive and professional one. However, this dizi is so good, and worth more money than it is sold for! it is a very beautiful flute especially for beginners like me. The fact that it comes with two membranes and a dimo, with a third membrane already attached is so good! Great service!

    UK Meabh


    This seller is honest and very communicative, he has many videos about his products and is always available for answers!!! He really loves his job and profession!!! About the product, the bamboo has quality, the design is wonderful and is very well finished!!!! The packget was very protected by PVC pipe, very smart way to ship!!! Very fast for Brazil, 27 days!!! Long life, thanks for your attention!

    Brazil Angelos

    A001 D key

    Very satiesfied with the dizi. The material seems to be high quality thick bamboo. The chinese writings on it were painted neatly. It came with the membrane and glue along with a beautiful chinese tassel. Delivery (to Indonesia) was quite fast, arrived less than a week after transaction. Overall this is a great product and very worth it

    Indonesia Sandrina

    Black dizi D key

    The sound is very pretty, also a very good quality. Will buy another one soon. very good product

    Germany Ayato

    Black dizi G key

    Dan Tang is a great seller!He provides excellent communication, answers all questions quickly and clearly.Perfect wrapping. The product arrived perfectly protected.The flute is very beautigul and of high quality.The service is perfect. I highly recommend buying from Dan Tang.

    Russia Galina

    DXH8881 D key

    Dizi arrived with good condition. Its sound is so beautiful, I've aleady love it. Dan Tang is a very profesional seller and musician. He's never disappointed me.

    Thailand Chatchawal

    DXH8881 D key

    Great sound and very beautiful fluteShipping was very fast, arrived earlier than I expected. Service providing was awesome, fast response to any of my problem and accurate information providing! I am very satisfied.

    Slovakia Nikola

    A005 C key

    Dizi arrived incredibly fast, amazing customer service and very reliable. The dizi is very beautiful, lightweight, and it sounds great! I recommend buying here.

    USA Bridget

    A005 C key

    Excellent customer service, great condition, amazing sound

    UK Christina

    A005 D key

    Great service and communication! Excellent flutes and perfectly tuned!

    USA Anj

    A005 D key

    This is probably the best dizi you will ever buy the quality and finish is outstanding! The sound is very authentic traditional Chinese tone. Please do not be put off by price (buy cheap buy twice)

    UK Les

    A006 Bass G key

    Very good quality flute. Exellent finishes. I have other low quality Dizi and can easily see the difference. Good communication from the seller.

    France franck​

    A006 Bass G key

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    We only provide professional Chinese bamboo flute !


    1. What do we do?

    We focus on professional Chinese musical instruments.

    2.Which payment in this site?

    PayPal only.

    3. Where are you located and where do you ship to?

    We are located in China mainland and we ship to most countries for all our instruments.

    4. What is the quality of your instruments?

    We only sell professional & high quality musical instruments.

    5. Can I buy several key dizi flute in one order?

    Yes definitely. Just add it in cart seperately , then checkout

    6. How secure is shopping with us?

    We apply SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the industry standard encryption standard for online purchase. All of your personal information is encrypted by SSL while you are placing the order. To check the security of your connection, look at the URL address bar of your browser window when you begin to checkout. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending on your browser), then SSL is active. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https".

    7. Does your site store my credit card numbers?

    No not at all, we have no access to your credit card numbers. Your payment will be made at the world's leading credit card gateway, i.e. 2Checkout or PayPal, who keep your credit card information absolutely confidential. You can pay with your credit or debit card at PayPal without a PayPal account.

    8. How soon can I get your reply if I contact you via email?

    We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

    9. Will there be any tracking number for me to track my order?

    Yes, we'll send you track number via email and PayPal notification.

    10. Do I need to contact you additionally about my order?

    If you have any additional requirements, you can take a note at checkout or contact us directly.

    11. Do you offer combined shipping for multiple purchases?

    Yes we do. We offer worldwide shipping for your multiple orders.

    12. Can I receive my item in good condition? What if the item arrives damaged?

    Yes definitely. We use professional shockproof packaging to protect every instrument, so you'll receive it in excellent condition.If by any chance it arrives damaged, we'll issue refund or send a replacement upon checking your pictures and evidence.

    Tutorial videos in our YouTube channel

    C key dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3hZHnsQ

    D key dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3lNkElV

    E key dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3lFEtvH

    F key dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/2Z59fEC

    G key dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/2QR4SIA

    Bass B flat dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3jFY8tn

    Bass A dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3bluKWq

    Bass G dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3gW7n7c

    Bass F dizi playlist:https://bit.ly/3hYuEXw

    Bass F Xiao playlist:https://bit.ly/31UAkMl

    Dizi beginner Candy practice playlist:https://bit.ly/350A14H


    Professional dizi learning lesson videos with English subtitle is free to share if buyer need .please contact Dan Tang (Diziflutesale@gmail.com) to get it after purchasement.

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Our price  include flute price and shipping fee,Buyer bear custom tax if happen at buyer's country.
We ensure dizi flute sound quality , we do not accept refund if dizi without quality problem when you receive it.
Please contact us immediately if you find dizi flute broken in parcel when you receive it.actually we use strong PVC tube to package flute to avoid any damage.
Please remember to add instrument oil vaseline on copper joint every month(if your dizi has copper joint) ,to ensure two parts dizi assemble smoothly.
In order to avoid bamboo crack, please pay attention to prevent big temperature and humidy change in short time, special in cold dry Winter.
All your information will be strictly protected ,contact information only used for delivery.